Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Haul Video Up??? Come Look!....NOW! LOL!

It's Haul Time Again!!! Yeas!! As I Stroll through Isles of Target (Tar-shae) and Peek Periodicaly at WalMart (The Wall-of-Mart) a little online Trolling at One Stop Plus and Took a chance at Belk.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hunt For Cute Flats Continues....

SSOTD: (Shopping Spotlight of the Day!) Here are some Pretty Cute n Comphy Flats that I Bought from Target today! They were $19.99 and they are from the spring collection, so no sale for now! lol! But since I wear a size 11...I went ahead and scooped them up NOW! lol! So heres the Who, whats, and When's of it all!

Like I Said, the Spring Collection is Really being shopped now! Specially with all the Guest Desighners Like Prabal Gurung for Target, who has some AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE Selections for the High-Fashion Diva's who are on a Budget!!! I Mean Who could resist these Adorable, Yet Edgy Flats???  

But Yea... GO TO TARGET NOW!!!
Well...I mean...when there open...There Closed here..Err....Whateva!! JUST GOOO When you Can! LOL!
Love Hugz and Kisses to you all!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

OMG!!! Exciting News!!!!!!!

Omg Omg OMG!! Im Super Excited about being apart of this new Adventure! Its going to be AWESOME!!! Visit this Video and check it out!!! Hit the Like Button and Subscribe to all of us!!!
(Yea..Im being very vauge...BUT Just watch the Vid to see whats to come!

HINT: Its gonna be like hanging out with you Watch the Vid, RSVP and CLEAR YOUR CALENDERS!!! :)


Sunday, February 3, 2013

New YouTube Vid Out!!! My Saturday Haul :)

Heres my Newest Haul Video Ladies and Gents!!! Dont forget to Rate, Comment and Subscribe!! :)

Sample-Sale Hugs and Lipstick Kisses!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

My New SNS Nails! Love them so far...

Soooooooo.... I Got my nails done today after work today. I Originally was just going to get my Old Set Removed and get another Gel Set put on. I was telling the lady that for some reason the Gels (Not the nail itself...but the overlay) was still chipping more then I wanted and I was wondering if maybe I needed a thicker Coat of gel on top of the polish. She recommended that I try a Newer Nail Treatment over my Real Nails (Thank God I still retained some length when she removed the gel nails! ) Of course i was intrigued and said SURE! (lol!) These are called SNS Nails...they put a sealant of some sort on your nails and dip your (real) nails into the powder. They repeat this step several times and then file and shape as desired. Then She put on a VERY quickly drying top coal and WA-LA!!!Let Dry for  5 mins your done! I LOVE them so far!!!! So Imma update with yall in a week or so to see how they hold up cause I work in retail and use my hands a lot!

I LOVE the Look so far! I got a Peach color and you probably cant tell by the picture, but they have faint little sparkles through out the nail...(Im not a huge fan of the Glitter nails...but to each there own! :)

Let me know what you think yall!


Oh!! Heres a Video from the company who created this Nail Tecnique