Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bare Foot Bliss Proffesional line?? Let me telllll you!!

Hola Huntees and Gentlemens!!! the Fab team at #Influenster sent me a voucher/coupon for a FREE (yall know i love that word!!!) Product fron the new #Freemans #BareBliss professional line! I was uber excited untill i had to go to FOUR...LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN...FOUR WALMARTS to find it!! I was like really??? Lol!
Anyway...i seeked, bought...and tried it out. goes!

(This is MY OPINION!! I was told to give an honest review...)

Packaging: (DISCLAIMER....Im a packaging whore!! Lol!) The packaging was serene colors of white and blue. The only tube they had left was dented...but I digress.

Exfoliating Polish: I liked it...the scent was very light and airy. I prefer a minty scent for my foot products...but this product was intended for the whole body. I think that they should have named the line "Bare Total Body" to be more precise to their consumers. It was a very mildly abrasive formula (for the same reasons i assume...) and i do prefer a mire grainy texture for maximum exfoliating..even on my knees and elbows.

Moisturizing Massage Cream: Ok...after my pedi...i generously applied the massage cream...put on dome booties and proceeded to bed. Woke up with dry feet! I was disappointed BUT I think you might have to seal this product with oil.

Price: these product are just under $5...I personally wouldn't purchase them with my own $$$ for that pricing unless they improved the formulas.

Overall: i give these products🌟🌟🌟.5 stars (3.5) It was an OK product...with a few could be awesome! The price should be in the $3 range as is...then go to the $4.50 range when improved.

THANKS for stopping by Dolls!!