Thursday, December 31, 2015

Im'ma give you the Fifth Degree on this one... (Degree Motion Dry Spray)

Ok...I, Stephanie, am a Deodorant scent snob.
I ONLY wear a powered fresh goes with my chemistry.. and it makes me feel confident and fresh!
So when Influenster and Walmart provided me with this Degree "Fresh Energy" scent for my honest review...I was like...hummm.....I don't know y'all...😑
But! I digress! 

I tried it and although I still prefer my powdery scents...this is not all!
But of course...there is more to it then the scent. It feels good to the tough...easy to come off while showering. It's long lasting and keeps you feeling fresh.
Back to the scent..its like spraying a deodorant version of Clinique Happy under your arms! I felt it did not conflict with my body's chemistry and i still use it post-testing period (I've had it for over a month now...)
The good news is that it does come in a powder scent! (yay for me!!)
So I give this product 4.5 stars! 
(took 1/2 a point off because of the price...$5ish a bottle)