Sunday, April 10, 2016

Quaker Breakfast Flats...Can we say Yes!!

Hi Loves!

I wanted to quickly share with you these breakfast flats by Quaker oats! They are conveniently packaged for your On-the-Go life! Perfect for you the hubby, the kids! They have a nice cracker (Not messy/crumbly) consistency that pairs well with your morning cup of Joe, a tall glass of milk or even orange juice! Price is competitive and Taste great! Below is a Pic of the packaging!! Thank you Influenster and Quaker for allowing me to test these out for my honest opinion!
(BTW....The Banana Bread flavor is my fave!!)

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Business Casual Style...The Curvy way!

I work in many if you know. I'm a manager,  but trust me....I do it all! Floor moves...pushing freight...moving all!!  In saying this...I tend to get relaxed in attire because (a) I need to be comfortable and (b) I don't wanna mess up my nicer clothes! Well, now I'm in the hunt to update my spring/summer work wardrobe. (Note: this was my Uber Rainy off day in-doors!)

 I purchased a few things from Marshall's by the company "Delia" The blouse (Delia, $16 on clearance) has cool blue and gray tones and has a loose billowy feel. To cinch in my waist with a thin belt that came off of a Lane Bryant dress. The pants (by Delia also, $19.99) are capri length (which I don't usually gravitate towards) but it gets warm in the store so they work!  These are the shortest I would go in a capri...any shorter would look matronly in my opinion. The loafers, seen on a previous post, are from JustFab (Discontinued). Overall! I think I look casual but professional. Comment below if you would like to see more summer work related style!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New!!! JustFab Haul on my YouTube Channel!


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Pics of my finds below!!!

Love Yall!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This Past Sunday...Spring Forward! (OOTD)

Spring is definitely upon us. Crisp early mornings eventually leads into luke-warm afternoons. This is also when our wardrobe transitions and we have to be prepared for the un-even temperatures. We feel the light and airiness of spring but still want to dress weather appropriate (Well...most of us do..some need to slow down just  bit...Im just sayin...) 

So here is my #SundayFunday Outfit!

Photo Credits: Russell Gilliam, Owner of Ingenious Images

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Glasses: Burbank Aqua (No Link Available) Bloomingdale's Past Season

There is something so chic about black and white stripes paired with light denim!
I love this look because its lightly layered and VERY comfortable!
If it gets too warn...I can peel off the Jacket and have a simple striped tee and could even change my shoes to a pair of sneakers for a super sporty-casual look!
The Lady Like Flats and the super light-weight Statement Necklace sharpens the look and keeps it Classy and Chic!
Whats your early Spring Go-to look??
Comment Down below!

(I'll add more Pictures Below!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Winter Chic Go-To Outfit!

Today is an off day for me..and while I'm chilin on the couch, surfing the net and sipping a cup of coffee (Per usual), I began to think. If were to get up out of my lazy oasis and go run some errands...which outfit could I throw on the quickest??? Well..let me tell you! I'm STILL sitting on the couch(lol!) BUT that prompted me to share my Winter Go-to outfit! Im a very, what I call "Casual Glam" person. I like the look and feel of warm and cozy clothing with BOMB Makeup! I love a great watch and a great leather bag to add some lux to the comphy aspect. I like added detail...(Both minimal and Statement) by wearing a glam piece of jewelry or a cute bracelet. But all in all...I want to be Chic and Glam wrapped up in a World or Coziness! 
Fashion does not always have to be complicated! You don't always have to find the perfect mixture of prints or be on the newest trend...
Its ok to be
Simple, Chic and Fabulous!

My Winter o-To Style

Thick cardigan / American Vintage cotton tank, $42 / Zipper jeans, $22 / Thick socks / Strappy boots, $55 / FOSSIL stainless steel watch / Loushelou diamond fine jewelry, $1,190 / Roberto Cavalli swarovski crystal jewelry / Paul Smith fringed shawl, $160 / Chanel lipstick / Large Ring Agenda Cover Damier Ebene Canvas, $650

Hope your New year is coming along Awesomely!!
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XOXO ~Steph

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Im'ma give you the Fifth Degree on this one... (Degree Motion Dry Spray)

Ok...I, Stephanie, am a Deodorant scent snob.
I ONLY wear a powered fresh goes with my chemistry.. and it makes me feel confident and fresh!
So when Influenster and Walmart provided me with this Degree "Fresh Energy" scent for my honest review...I was like...hummm.....I don't know y'all...😑
But! I digress! 

I tried it and although I still prefer my powdery scents...this is not all!
But of course...there is more to it then the scent. It feels good to the tough...easy to come off while showering. It's long lasting and keeps you feeling fresh.
Back to the scent..its like spraying a deodorant version of Clinique Happy under your arms! I felt it did not conflict with my body's chemistry and i still use it post-testing period (I've had it for over a month now...)
The good news is that it does come in a powder scent! (yay for me!!)
So I give this product 4.5 stars! 
(took 1/2 a point off because of the price...$5ish a bottle)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fringe Benefits: Step Outside the Label!

Just wanted to share this adorable Fringe top that I picked up at JcPenny a couple of weeks ago!
As you guys know, I'm a sucker for fringe, which has been an amplified trend this season (I Say amplified because there has been a consistent piece of the reoccurring BOHO trend for several years...Fringe ain't going no where no time soon! LOL!).
ANYWAY!!! Here is the top I chose...
Add captionA.N.A Black Fringe Top

The Top is by A.N.A is is sold is straight sizes. I purchased a size Extra large and of course, it does not fit my 2x frame like the model. It's OK to try things on in other sizes other then you normally wear! You never know! 
Its very comphy and forgiving and perfect for daytime Shopping or a casual Night dancing!
I Paired it with a Fringe Bag I purchased from T.J Maxx for $19.99 and Boots from The Avenue (Past Season). (And some Dorsey Leather pumps from Lane Bryant)
 Hope you Like the way I styled it! And my Crazy Combed out curls!!! LOL! 

Photo Credits: Russell Gilliam, Owner of Ingenious Images
Visit him Ingenious Images and Follow him on Instagram IngeniousRuss