Saturday, April 2, 2016

Business Casual Style...The Curvy way!

I work in many if you know. I'm a manager,  but trust me....I do it all! Floor moves...pushing freight...moving all!!  In saying this...I tend to get relaxed in attire because (a) I need to be comfortable and (b) I don't wanna mess up my nicer clothes! Well, now I'm in the hunt to update my spring/summer work wardrobe. (Note: this was my Uber Rainy off day in-doors!)

 I purchased a few things from Marshall's by the company "Delia" The blouse (Delia, $16 on clearance) has cool blue and gray tones and has a loose billowy feel. To cinch in my waist with a thin belt that came off of a Lane Bryant dress. The pants (by Delia also, $19.99) are capri length (which I don't usually gravitate towards) but it gets warm in the store so they work!  These are the shortest I would go in a capri...any shorter would look matronly in my opinion. The loafers, seen on a previous post, are from JustFab (Discontinued). Overall! I think I look casual but professional. Comment below if you would like to see more summer work related style!


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